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Piedmont, OK Pest Control

Pest Control In Piedmont, Oklahoma

With nearly 8,000 residents and less than a 22-minute drive from Oklahoma City, Piedmont, Oklahoma, has been named one of the best places to live. It offers residents a rural, small hometown feel, but with all the amenities of a big metropolitan city.

One thing that's attracted so many to this suburbian land is that it's growing at a fast rate. New construction is happening at every corner for homes and businesses alike. And though this is great for the city itself, it does bring about pests.

The building of new communities and facilities forces wildlife and various insects out of their natural habitat; therefore, pests like birds, raccoons and cockroaches, and termites will find solitude in your Piedmont home or business. Call Brandley Pest Control to come and save the day.

As your Canadian county pest controlwe make it our business to safeguard your home or business from such pests through safe and effective pest control solutions. For guaranteed protection, give us a call, and one of our highly-trained technicians will walk you through our removal process.

Residential Pest Control In Piedmont

piedmont ok pest control

With residential pest control services from Brandley Pest Control, you can count on us to create a custom program that meets the unique needs of your home. Our services will eliminate current infestations and prevent new ones from forming, which is especially beneficial, given the area's rate of building new homes.

We offer a wide range of services for pests, including termites, cockroaches, and rodents, as well as a host of other invasive pests. Whether you own your home or rent it, it's not a matter of if pests will invade, but more so when they invade your home. And when they do, our team of experts is here to provide an aggressive approach to residential pest control to completely eradicate them from your house. Remember, the first step to prevention is a call to learn more about our services.

Commercial Pest Control In Piedmont

Your business is the very thing you worked so hard to achieve success. Imagine something as small as a cockroach completely ruining your brand, products, and reputation. It would be devastating. As a Canadian County business ourselves, our Brandley Pest Control team understand the importance of providing a safe and comfortable work environment. Because of that, we offer every commercial client customizable treatment programs to meet the unique needs it faces.

With us, our goal is to lower your business risk. In return, that will reduce your total cost and improve your peace of mind, guaranteed. We start with a thorough inspection and finish with treatment and follow-up commercial pest control services to ensure your business remains pest-free. Give us a call to set up your initial appointment.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Piedmont Home

As your Canadian County pest control providers, we're, of course, going to tell you that the best way to get rid of bed bugs is with professional services from Brandley Pest Control. Not because we want your business (which we do), but since we have been in the pest control industry for years, we can tell you that professional services genuinely are the only way to rid your home of such an invasive infestation.

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that feed on the blood of mammals, and this, unfortunately, includes humans, their favorite kind of meal. The good news is that bed bugs aren't hazardous because they're not known to carry or spread diseases like other pests that can invade your home. Bed bugs can cause itchy red welts to form; however, not everyone bitten by bed bugs has reactions from bed bug bites.

You're likely to get bed bugs from traveling or buying used furniture in most cases. The thing to understand about bed bugs is that they not only hitch a ride on you, but they also travel by latching onto luggage, bags, and any other personal belongings left in public areas. 

Because it's so easy for bed bugs to gain access into your home, it's even harder to get them out, which is why DIY removal methods prove to be ineffective, wasting time, money, and effort. Only professional bed bug control services will do. Give our highly trained pest experts a call for effective bed bug removal treatment.

Now Is The Time To Protect Your Piedmont Home From Termites

The word 'termite' will cause any homeowner to enter into a state of panic. However, termites pose no direct threat to humans, but they're extremely dangerous to the structures of your home. 

For one, termites are notorious for damaging the structural integrity of your home, causing billions of dollars (five billion to be exact) in repairs and removal services every year in the United States. Secondly, the state of panic isn't necessarily from having a termite infestation, but more so, how much damage has occurred.

For the most part, you would never know that you have a termite problem unless you proactively invest in termite control services. Additionally, you're likely not to see active termites but the signs of termites and their damages. Here are a few telltale signs you have termite issues in your home:

  • If termites have infested your home for an extended time, it's not uncommon to see floors, ceilings, and doorways sag and look warped due to tunnels they've built.
  • As termites build mud tunnels to travel through, you'll likely notice these tunnels crossing toward your home or on and up exterior walls.
  • Once termites get inside your home, you'll start noticing piles of feces mixed in with wood shavings on the floors of your home's interiors.
  • As termites eat their way through your home, the paint on your walls and ceilings will start to appear bubbled, blistered, or splintered.
  • Evidence of termite swarmers is the piles of wings underneath exterior windows and doors after the reproductives have swarmed from the colony; this is often the first and most significant indicator that termites are nesting near or in your home.

As destructive as these pests are, now is the time to protect your Piedmont home from termites. Not only will they destroy your home without you knowing, but the amount of damage they can do can make your home uninhabitable, depending on the severity of the damage. 

To effectively remove a termite infestation from your home and prevent new ones from forming, our professionals at Brandley Pest Control have all the tools you need. To solve your termite problem, give us a call to learn more about our treatment methods.

Are These Ants Around My Piedmont Property Dangerous?

Any ant invading your Piedmont property can create chaos and present several dangers. You need to keep an eye out for a few different ant species in the Piedmont area, including carpenter ants, fire ants, sugar ants, and pavement ants.

While all of these ant species can destroy your property with their nests, bite people, and create a nuisance, carpenter and fire ants are particularly notable for their present dangers.

Carpenter ants are known for their ability to tunnel through wood and hollow it out as they create their nests; this behavior leads to severe and costly property damage and can even present a risk of structural collapse, which is a difficult way to live.

On the other hand, fire ants aren’t known for their destructive nature but are reasonably aggressive. This pest will swarm if threatened and leave behind painful stings, triggering allergic reactions and anaphylaxis even in those without allergy issues due to the number of stings received.

Contact Brandley Pest Control to benefit from the most effective ant control in the area.

Avoiding The Financial Impact Of Cockroaches In Piedmont

Not only are cockroach infestations a significant nuisance to deal with and relatively dangerous due to the diseases and bacteria this pest carries, but they can also leave behind severe destruction on your property. As all types of cockroaches scavenge, they leave behind grease marks or smears on surfaces and walls and cover your property with their droppings, egg cases, and shed skins. All these factors add to some significant destruction that can be expensive to recover from and clean up.

To avoid the financial impact of a cockroach infestation in Piedmont, you need to take steps to safeguard your property against this pest:

  • Stop cockroaches from invading by sealing cracks around windows, doors, and the foundation of your property.
  • Keep outdoor areas free of long grasses and debris that this pest could potentially hide.
  • Ensure all leftover food is stored correctly, and consider using airtight plastic containers in pantry areas to keep cockroaches out.
  • Clean up dirty dishes and food or drink spills immediately, in addition to disposing trash as soon as possible to prevent the aroma from attracting cockroaches.

Additionally, reach out to Brandley Pest Control at the first sign of this pest in Piedmont to get infestations taken care of immediately.

Protecting Yourself From Ticks While Out & About In Piedmont

Tick bites can be dangerous to receive due to the many diseases that this pest carries and can quickly transfer to you. An essential part of tick control is protecting yourself from this pest while out and about – proper protection will decrease your chances of being bitten and ensure that you don’t bring this pest back to your property.

Long-sleeved clothing, socks, and pants are your best line of defense against this pest. Without any skin showing, ticks will find it harder to bite you and often give up. Light-colored clothing will also make it much easier to stop a tick and brush it off before it causes a problem.

Another easy tick prevention tip to follow is staying out of long grasses, overgrown foliage, or marshy areas, as these are spaces where ticks are the most likely to be hiding out. Always check yourself for ticks when returning home.

For more information on tick prevention and help treating tick populations around your property, contact Brandley Pest Control.

Why Even Non-Venomous Spider Infestations In Piedmont Can Be Dangerous

While most Piedmont residents know that venomous spider infestations are something to be avoided, non-venomous spider problems can also present serious issues around your property. All types of spiders can bite humans, and even if they aren’t carrying dangerous amounts of venom, they can leave painful bites or trigger allergic reactions. Additionally, infestations of spiders are frightening to encounter and can create stress for those on your property. And the more spiders you have hidden around your property, the more damage they can cause with their webs, droppings, and egg sacs.

To keep spiders off your Piedmont property, seal cracks around windows and doors. Use window and door screens and weather stripping to keep this pest out. Make sure to address any infestation of pest prey on your property – such as an invasion of cockroaches, ants, or beetles – that may be attracting spiders. Also, declutter interior areas and carefully sweep away any spiderwebs you see to mark the site as inhospitable to spiders.

If you need help eliminating spider infestations or want to understand more about the dangers all species of this pest can bring, contact Brandley Pest Control now.

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