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Customized Pest Control In Edmond, OK

The city of Edmond is quite expansive in its geography and has so much to offer residents. As the home of the University of Central Oklahoma, there is an abundance of hip eateries, coffee shops, and gift stores around town. Edmond is also known for its good public schools and close proximity to Oklahoma City, which makes it an ideal location for families and commuting professionals. Throughout the year, property owners may encounter a variety of pest problems that need professional attention. 

At Brandley Pest Control, it’s our top priority to provide members of our community with pest control solutions that are equally safe and reliable. We are a solution-oriented company that also prioritizes customer satisfaction every step of the way. Whether it’s always being reachable for support questions or re-servicing a property, we won’t stop until the job is done. To learn more about how customized pest control can protect your Oklahoma County property, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Edmond

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Your Edmond home is the place where you host family gatherings and celebrate all of life’s moments; however, when pest problems take over, those special moments cease to take place. At Brandley Pest Control, we work with local homeowners to ensure that this is never the case. With customized pest control programs, we’re able to create pest-free living environments in the safest way possible.

We always begin with a thorough property inspection to look for cracks in your foundation, identify any active pests, and understand the ways in which possible problems could take place. We treat for pests like cockroaches, ants, spiders, and other common household pests, and with ongoing services that are set to your schedule, you’ll never have to handle pests alone again. Our customers also benefit from the focus we place on open communication and our unmatched support system. For more information on how our residential pest control works, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Edmond

At Brandley Pest Control, we provide Edmond businesses with year-round protection from pests with our thorough, individualized pest programs. We work closely with our commercial customers to not only identify the issue at hand but also to understand its source and make sure that we effectively communicate this information. Every interaction is a partnership to us, which is why we involve our customers at every step along the way.

When we inspect your property, we have a dialogue with you about our findings and what your goals are. During the treatment development and implementation phase, we’ll create plans that comply with your industry’s requirements and work on long-lasting results. We typically suggest some ongoing service visits either on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis in order to stop future infestations before they occur. But most importantly, we are always there for our customers and provide round-the-clock support. For more information on the benefits of commercial pest control, contact us today.

A Practical Guide To Ant Prevention For Edmond Homeowners

Ants are attracted to Edmond homes during their quest for a steady water source and something sweet to eat. Because of their small stature, keeping ants out of the home might prove difficult for some people. Try these practical tips for total ant control:

  • Always make sure that faucets, showerheads, and bathtubs are fully turned off after use. 
  • Seal up gaps around a foundation with caulk and fill in the gaps around windows with weatherstripping. If doors also have gaps, try door sweeps. 
  • Routinely check downspouts, spigots, and roofs for leaks and rectify any that are causing issues. 
  • Dispose of expired foods and produce in trash receptacles that are properly stored outside of the home. 
  • Be sure to clean up all spills, whether they contain food, drinks, or even soap.
  • Never leave food uncovered, regardless of whether it’s in the pantry or on the counter. 

For extra ant protection, contact Brandley Pest Control today. 

How Dangerous Are Bed Bugs In My Edmond Home?

As a parasite, the bed bug's main objective is to feed off a host in order to access the sustenance that they require. For Edmond homeowners, this usually means that they are the main meal. Their bites usually leave people with itchy red bumps; however, sometimes victims of bed bug bites may suffer from anaphylaxis or skin infections from excessive itching. Additionally, some people have reported an increase in insomnia that stems from living in an infested home. 

At Brandley Pest Control, we make sure that homeowners never have to handle bed bug outbreaks alone. Our process is straightforward and hard-hitting in order to completely eliminate all bed bugs, including eggs and larvae. We don’t require any preparation on your end and after inspecting your home, we’ll move directly to liquid treatments and dusting. Our technicians return every two weeks until we can ensure that the problem is solved. For more information on bed bug removal, contact us today.

The Trick To Effective Tick Protection In Edmond

Protecting yourself and your family from ticks is often easier said than done. Anytime you step outside, especially in spring, summer, and fall, you risk encountering these tiny pests. Because they often go unnoticed, it’s possible to get bitten without ever realizing it. If you end up with a tick-borne disease, this can slow down a diagnosis.

The trick to effective tick protection in Edmond is to be proactive. Instead of simply hoping that ticks don’t find you, taking steps to avoid them while outside and eliminate them from your property is the best way to protect yourself from them. 

Putting DEET on your clothing, wearing light-colored clothing, and wearing long sleeve shirts and pants go a long way in helping you protect yourself while spending time outdoors in wooded locations. To protect your property, the best thing is to have a tick lawn treatment. A tick treatment from Brandley Pest Control will help eliminate any tick activity on your property so that you can spend time outdoors without worry.

Why Do I Have Fleas In My Edmond Home?

If you’ve ever woken up with your ankles covered in bites or seen tiny black specks bouncing out of your carpet, you know how unpleasant it is to have a flea infestation. Fleas are tiny insects that can cause serious frustrations due to how rapidly they grow in population and how difficult they can be to eliminate.

If you have fleas in your Edmond home, you might wonder how they got there. The short answer is that they likely got in from outside. Animals and people can carry fleas around, so you don’t have a pet to end up with fleas in your house. If wildlife frequents your property, they can bring fleas onto your lawn, which can end up in your home.

For effective flea removal, you need the help of the experts at Brandley Pest Control. Our experienced professionals will deliver the services your Edmond home needs to eliminate your flea infestation and keep it from returning fully.

Four Myths About Termites In Edmond You Probably Still Believe

Regarding termites, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around. Because termites are a serious threat to your house, you must know the truth about them. Here are four common myths about termites: 

  1. There is a termite season in EdmondThe term termite season does not mean that termites are only active in one season of the year. When someone talks about termite season, they’re talking about the season when termites mate. This usually occurs in the spring. However, termites are active through all four seasons.
  2. A termite infestation is easy to spot. If termites are eating through the wooden structures of your house, it should be pretty easy to tell, right? Wrong. Termites eat wood from the inside out, so it will not be long before the damage becomes apparent if they’re in your home.
  3. If a house is treated once for termites, it’s protected foreverMany termite treatments are indeed long-lasting, but nothing lasts forever. Once a termite treatment is done, you should have regular follow-up services and inspections to ensure it continues to do its job.
  4. Termite treatments aren’t worth the cost. You might think that a termite infestation won’t happen to you, but the fact is that termites are a problem all year long in Edmond. Protecting your home from termites is well worth the cost because repairing termite damage is far more costly than prevention.

With termite control from Brandley Pest Control, you’ll receive effective termite protection that is covered by a one-year renewable warranty. That means your home is covered for up to a decade of termite prevention.

Why You Need Professional Help When Dealing With Edmond Cockroaches

When it comes to pests, cockroaches are one of the most hated. They have a bad reputation for a good reason. Cockroaches are dangerous pests that you don’t want in your Edmond home. Unfortunately, if you find yourself dealing with a cockroach infestation, you’ll find it challenging to get rid of them on your own. Cockroaches are tough to eliminate for a variety of reasons.

If you want the truth about how to kill cockroaches in your home, it’s pretty simple. You should get the help of professionals. Although you may be tempted to try to do it yourself, cockroaches will not go down without a fight. If they feel in danger, they can hunker down in hiding and await the threat. Your D.I.Y. treatment may seem like it worked, but a few months later, the problem will return even worse than before.

Instead, contact the experts at Brandley Pest Control. We have experience with cockroaches and know the best, most effective way to eliminate them. Our products are safe for your family, and our knowledgeable specialists will ensure your pest problem is fully taken care of. Contact us for service today!

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