Ants In Oklahoma City: A Comprehensive Prevention And Control Guide


Ants are among the most common summertime pests. They are found in homes all across the country, and their presence can cause a lot of issues for homeowners. Ants cause food contamination and property damage, and some species can also deliver painful bites or stings. These pests are often difficult to deal with, as entire colonies can quickly respond to threats from outside. Proper ant control techniques are necessary for dealing with them. 

In this article, we’ll explain all the crucial information that you need to know to get rid of these pests. We’ll talk about the life cycle of ants and how colonies work, the dangers of having ants in your home, and some simple things that you can do to minimize the impact these pests have on you and your family. Keeping yourself safe from pests is a high priority, which is why our team at Brandley Pest Control is passionate about helping you protect your home. We’ve been in the Oklahoma City pest control business for years, and we’re happy to pass on some of the most important information about these pests.

The Life Cycle Of Ants: How Ant Colonies Develop 

Ants are social insects, and almost all types of ants live in a colony that is centered around one or more queens. The lifecycle of an ant begins when one of these queens lays eggs in a sheltered area. Ant eggs tend to be extremely small; they are usually only about half of a millimeter in diameter, and queens will generally lay a large number at once. After a week or two, the eggs hatch, and the larvae stage begins. Ant larvae have large appetites, and other colony members spend a lot of time just making sure they are properly fed. Once the larvae have grown enough, they will molt into pupae. 

Pupae bear a much stronger resemblance to adults, except their legs and antennae are folded against their bodies and don’t yet function. They also tend to darken in color as they age. Once the pupae grow into full adults, they fall into one of three castes; workers, males, and queens. Workers are the female ants that don’t reproduce; they maintain the colony and provide food. Males only exist to mate with the queens at certain times. Queens are the reproductive females that help to ensure the continued survival and growth of the colony by laying eggs. In the next section, we’ll examine some of the more common risks of an ant infestation. 

Ant Dangers: Understanding The Risks Of An Infestation 

Ants may not seem like the worst pests ever at first glance. They don’t tend to carry lots of harmful diseases, and they aren’t even noticeable unless there are a lot of them. Their ability to communicate and adapt is one of their most dangerous features, however. Ants can rapidly pass on information through pheromones. This lets them inform other ants about sources of food or dangers to the colony. In addition, ants can cause food contamination that makes anything they infest unsafe to eat. Their quick adaptability allows them to swiftly relocate if their colony comes under attack, so you may think you’ve gotten rid of them when in fact they’ve just moved. Now let’s take a look at some ant prevention tips that should help you keep these pests away. 

Ant Prevention Is Key: Effective Tips And Tricks 

When dealing with ants in Oklahoma City, the best strategy is often to make your home less attractive to them in the first place. Exclusionary practices often show the best results when it comes to keeping these insects out of your house. Here are some tips for how to keep ants away: 

  • Trim tree branches and shrubs that grow too close to your home.
  • Seal any gaps or cracks in the exterior of your home.
  • Clean up food spills as soon as they occur.
  • Take out the trash frequently.
  • Store food in sealed containers.

Following these simple steps should help you keep your home clean and free of ants. If you do find yourself dealing with an ant infestation, calling a professional pest control company is often your best option. 

Professional Ant Control: A Great Way To Keep Ants Out For Good 

Looking for reliable home pest control in Oklahoma City? Well then, look no further than the qualified experts at Brandley Pest Control. We specialize in quickly identifying the source of pest problems to help you figure out the best course of action to get rid of them. Professionalism and customer service are our top priorities. Contact Brandley Pest Control today!

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