Say Good Riddance To Ants In Your Oklahoma City Home

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Ants are invasive, destructive, and dangerous to have around. They can infest your home by the millions and quickly take over your living space, which can make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. They are also able to spread dangerous diseases, and in some cases, an ant infestation could cause property damage to your home. 

At Brandley Pest Control, our ant exterminators know just how frustrating an ant infestation can be for a homeowner. Keep reading to get expert advice from our Oklahoma City ant control experts and learn how to ensure your home stays ant-free for good. 

Identifying Common Ant Species

Oklahoma City has many different types of ants, but carpenter and acrobat ants are the two species our ant exterminators see the most in residential areas. These two types of ants might look similar to each other, but they have very different behaviors and habits. 

The acrobat ant typically measures around 1/8 inch long and has a brown thorax, head, and dark-brown abdomen. These small ants are known for traveling in long trails on the sides of walls and even using wires as a way to enter your home. They can also lift their abdomen over their head, where they get the name “acrobat” from.

Carpenter ants are the largest type of ant found in Oklahoma City. They can measure anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 inch long. Their heads are also typically larger and more round than other species of ants. The reproductive carpenter ants have wings and can fly away from their colony to search for a mate. Once they have found a mate, the female will start her colony, where she will be the queen. Unlike other ants, carpenter ants choose to nest inside wooden surfaces. 

Ants In The Home Can Create Many Problems

Ants like to eat a variety of fresh and rotten food. To find a meal, they will crawl through trash, over dead carcasses, and around other unsanitary surfaces. If they also crawl around your food or your food preparation surfaces, they could contaminate your food with a variety of diseases, like salmonellosis and streptococcus, and could even cause staph infections. 

If you have carpenter ants in your home, you could start to see damage. Carpenter ants are known to live in large colonies and will need to build tunnels and nesting areas to make room for all colony members. As the colony continues to grow, more space will be required, and the wooden surfaces they live in will become more hollow and brittle. Over time, carpenter ants can cause structural damage to a home or structure. 

If you see any ants in or around your home, you should call an ant exterminator in Oklahoma City to help identify and eliminate them before they cause any trouble. 

Five Naturally Effective Ant Prevention Tips 

Ants can come into your home for several different reasons. But you are most likely to find ants on the hunt for food or water. Once a colony has deemed your home a safe and reliable place to live, several thousand ants can infest your house. The best way to prevent an ant infestation is to consistently take proactive steps designed to deter ants. Some of the techniques that our ant extermination team uses to keep ants away include:

  1. Seal any holes that you find in wooden surfaces. 
  2. Keep all food kept in sealed containers.
  3. Cut bushes away from your home and keep your grass trimmed.
  4. Wipe out sinks and countertops to ensure there are no water droplets.
  5. Don’t keep stacks of firewood near your house. 

To achieve total ant control, you must remain vigilant and take immediate action at the first sign of ants in your home. You should also have your home inspected for ants regularly to stay a step ahead of the potential infestation. 

The Key To Total Ant Control For Your Home

An ant infestation can be a big problem you shouldn’t have to handle alone. At Brandley Pest Control, we use advanced tools and techniques to ensure the removal of every single ant from your home for good. We also offer a variety of pest control plans that will fit your specific needs, whether it be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. 

If you are looking for total ant control in Oklahoma City, call our professional service technicians at Brandley Pest Control today.

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