Are Bed Bugs Sill Active Around Oklahoma City?

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Bed bugs are annoying pests that have become more common in Oklahoma City over the last few years. Many people underestimate just how much of a nuisance these bugs can be. However, if they ever invade your home, you will truly know the meaning of the phrase "problem pests."

At Brandley Inspections and Pest Control, we have years of experience dealing with bed bugs. Our technicians have been providing bed bug control in Oklahoma City for over a decade, and there is no job too big or too small for our professionals to handle.

Bed Bug Seasonality: When Are Infestations Most Likely?

Bed bugs in Oklahoma City spend most of their time indoors. They live solely off the blood of humans and animals, which means that they like to hang out in places that are likely to have a lot of visitors. Bed bugs usually hide in almost any public space, including hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes. Because they don't typically have to worry about the outdoor temperatures, bed bugs are one of the few pests that are just as active in the winter as in the summer. 

Even though they don't usually slow down any time of the year, the summer and fall are usually the most popular time of year for a bed bug to find a new home. Most people spend the summer months traveling. If they stay in a hotel with bed bugs, they will likely bring some of these bugs home accidentally. Because they are so small, once a homeowner finds bed bugs in their home, the bugs have already been there for a few months.

If you team with a bed bug extermination expert, they can tell you approximately how long the bugs have been in your home. 

Warning Signs That Bed Bugs Got Into Your Home This Summer

If you accidentally brought bed bugs home from your summer vacation, there are a few clues that you can look for. Some of the first signs that our bed bug exterminators find inside infested homes include:

  • Specs of blood on furniture and mattresses caused by crushing an enlarged bed bug 
  • Little black specs found anywhere in your home but are more noticeable on white furniture or bedding 
  • Skin sheds from molting bed bugs
  • Damp and musty odor coming from your bed or furniture

Bed bugs are commonly close to their food source, usually under a bed or furniture. However, a bed bug control expert will need to inspect all of your homes to determine the severity of the infestation. With a severe infestation, bed bugs can be inside electrical receptacles, cabinets, and other tight spaces. 

Why Bed Bugs Can Stay Active Year-Round Inside Homes

Once a bed bug gets inside your home, it can be difficult to get them to leave. They are so small and can stay out of sight for a long time. They don't do well in extreme heat or extreme cold. As long as you keep your home at a comfortable temperature, these little bugs will continue to thrive all year long. Once they invade your home, you will need the help of a bed bug control specialist to get rid of them. 

What You Can Do To Put A Stop To Bed Bugs In Oklahoma City

If you think you might have bed bugs in your home, don't hesitate to call us! At Brandley Inspections and Pest Control, our Oklahoma City bed bug exterminators will go to work immediately to eliminate these problematic bugs from your home for good.

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