What Is The Best Way To Tackle A Bed Bug Infestation In Oklahoma City

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Bed bugs are some of the hardest insects to eliminate from your home. These tiny pests will hide inside anything and often remain undetected until they start biting. There are ways that you can keep these bugs from getting into your belongings, but they can still find a way into your house.

While these bugs don't transmit diseases, they can negatively impact your emotional and mental health. The best way to get rid of them is by calling in professional Oklahoma City pest control. Read on to learn more about bed bugs and how to keep them out of your home.

How To Tell If There Are Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bed bugs are around 1/4 of an inch long and masters at hiding, so they're difficult to spot. While you usually won't see these pests, they leave traces of their existence. Knowing the signs of bed bugs in your home will help determine if you're dealing with an infestation.

Some of the clues that you have bed bugs in Oklahoma City include:

  • Reddish-brown spots: Bed bugs consume blood which is visible on sheets or mattresses when they're crushed.
  • Fecal spots: Bed bugs leave fecal spots after they feed, often in large groups.
  • Bites: When a bed bug bites someone, it will appear on the skin as clusters or lines of small, red, itchy welts.
  • Eggs or egg shells: Bed bug eggs are about one millimeter and pale yellow.
  • Molted skins: Young bed bugs shed their skins as they grow, leaving a translucent exoskeleton behind.
  • Musty odor: These pests produce a sweet, musty smell.

Bed bugs can be almost anywhere in your house and are very hard to see. Contact bed bug control in Oklahoma City if you notice these signs in your home.

A Bed Bug Infestation Only Gets Worse With Time

A small bed bug problem can quickly grow into a severe issue. Females lay one or two eggs daily but can lay between 200 and 500 eggs in their 6-12 month lifetime. These bugs can also go several days without feeding, allowing them to remain hidden. As a result, the infestation can grow significantly larger before you realize they're in your house.

In the meantime, these bugs can cause problems for you. They don't spread diseases, but their bites can cause anxiety, insomnia, and even allergic reactions in some people. A dependable pest control company will keep these bed bug problems from happening to you.

How Bed Bugs Found A Ride Into Your Home

Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere when they're not feeding. Their size and hiding ability also enable them to travel long distances with people.

Some of the items in which bed bugs hide to avoid detection when traveling include:

  • Luggage
  • Overnight cases
  • Clothes
  • Sleeping bags

Hiding in these items undetected allows these pests to infest anywhere they travel with you. In most cases, you won't realize that you've been carrying these passengers until they need to feed. Once you notice bites or other signs of an infestation, call local pest control for bed bugs.

Contact The Pros At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bug bed infestations only become worse if not handled quickly. If you recognize signs of bed bugs in your house, call Brandley Pest Control as soon as possible for help. Our service technicians will provide a full inspection and perform the best bed bug control techniques for your Oklahoma City home. We also provide a follow-up service to ensure the pests don't return. Call us today to get started, and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Oklahoma City.

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