Why Is Bed Bug Control So Hard To Execute In Oklahoma City Homes

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How To Identify Bed Bugs In Oklahoma City

Identifying bed bugs is troublesome because they are tiny and active at night while you are sleeping. If you investigate, however, you will find the following bed bug signs around your Oklahoma City home if they are present: 

  • Dark stains: Look on the mattress, box springs, and bed linens for these marks from fecal matter. 
  • Cream-colored eggs: Use a magnifying glass to investigate dimly-lit corners, cracks between the baseboards and walls or carpet, and creases in upholstered items in the room. 
  • Bed bug skins: As bed bugs mature, they shed their exoskeleton and leave the skins behind. You will find these in electrical outlets, creases in the nightstands, behind wallpaper, and in the same areas as the eggs.
  • Bed bugs: Unlike their eggs which require a magnifying glass, adult bed bugs are visible to the naked eye. Look for flat or elongated mahogany to reddish-brown bugs about 3/16 inches long. The bugs are swollen if they have recently eaten or flat if hungry. 

If you see these early signs of bed bugs, take action quickly!

The Problem With Having Bed Bugs In Your Home

Fortunately, bed bugs do not spread disease, but that does not mean they are good to have in your Oklahoma City home. Bed bug bites occur in groups and can be itchy. In addition to the irritation, the constant scratching of the wound may cause infection.

The other issue is that they reproduce rapidly. A single female bed bug will produce up to 500 offspring during her lifetime. Each time a female bed bug feeds, she delivers eggs, and within a month, those eggs have hatched, and the nymphs have completed their growth stages and are now reproducing adults. If one female produces hundreds of offspring, imagine what hundreds of multiplying females will do! It only takes a short time before you have a bed bug infestation in your Oklahoma City home.

Why It Is So Hard To Prevent Bed Bugs In Your Home

Because of our modern society, bed bug control can be hard to achieve for these reasons: 

  • Bed bugs are immune to some older, consumer-grade products.
  • Bed bugs will move to another location in the home if they detect a chemical odor. 
  • Bed bugs reproduce rapidly.
  • Bed bugs are tough to kill.
  • Bed bugs are in public places and can attach to your clothing, shoes, luggage, and bags without you knowing they are there. 
  • Bed bugs are on public transportation and jump on individuals packed into a crowded bus or cab. 

Bed bug extermination is next to impossible for homeowners.

How Professional Bed Bug Control Eliminates Bed Bug Infestations

Brandley Pest Control provides bed bug control in Oklahoma City without the hassle imposed by other companies. We go the extra mile and do things other companies require their customers to do, like laundering clothing items. Our bed bug service involves whole-home liquid treatments with encasements; we also treat behind furniture and inside electrical outlets. Contact us today to learn how we will get rid of bed bugs in your home. 

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